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ibm also competes with them. >> tom: sorry to interrupt you. m.u., the ticker symbol on this. this over a 52-week low over demand with the semiconductors. does this worry you? >> it doesn't worry us longer term, and this is absolutely the right time to pick up a name like this. there isn't a lot of net debt on the balance sheet. they have actually been a consolidator, and this is a great time to enter this marketment we think there be much more consolidation. >> tom: mark, when you talk about long-term, is it 12, 18 months, or longer? >> probably a couple of years. >> tom: f.m.c. technology is unique in technology. it is really an oil services technology ferm. it has had a nice rally off the summertime lows. what is the catalyst? >> part of it was the concerns about the cessation of deepwater drilling. we recently added this name because they're one
6:50 pm
of the more environmentally-friendly players in the industry. they have an excellent safety record. we think longer term, they will continue to be safe drilling. this is one of the ways to play that. >> tom: back on march 17th, you were with us in the springtime. eastman kodak, off by almost 40%. sineron medical, off by 24%. and american capital, a publicly traded private capital company, it is up by 13%. explain the differences here. >> right. when we offered these three names, we were looking for modest market growth in the s&p. we were looking at special plays. this is still a short-term timeframe. >> tom: okay. >> kodak, we still think longer term will be a beneficiary of the consolidation in tech. it has a net cash position. it is near its 52-week low. weth longer term it will be part of another entity.
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>> tom: off by 40%. do you own these stocks, though? >> yes, we do. >> tom: mark, always nice to see you on our "street critique." nice to see you, mark watson. >> thank you again. >> susie: here's what we're watching for tomorrow: weekly jobless claims, along with an update on the state of u.s. imports and exports from july's trade balance. also tomorrow, legislative logjams and political gridlock in our nation's capital. we'll look at the lack of legislative movement in washington and how it's holding up issues like tax cuts, new stimulus spending and key appointments to the federal reserve. >> susie: a key part of general motors' recovery plan cruised off the production line today in lordstown, ohio. it's the chevy cruze, decked out in red, white, and blue, since the u.s. is the latest market for the vehicle. the cruze is the company's top seller worldwide this year. g.m. has high hopes for the vehicle, which it says has the amenities of a mid-size car, with the stingy gas habits of a compact. >> thomas: united healthcare
6:52 pm
could be facing a bitter pill in california. its pacificare unit is under fire by state regulators, who say it has botched medical claims and hasn't paid doctors properly. if the violations are confirmed, the company could be on the hook for almost $10 billion in fines. this isn't the first time united's pacificare has been in hot water. it paid $2 million to california to settle charges it refused to pay claims for h.m.o. policy holders. 
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>> susie: new figures show a record number of americans are dipping into their 401(k) accounts before retirement. financial planners say that should be a last resort, because of penalties and taxes. but tonight's "money file" has a slightly different view. here's eric schurenberg, editor- in-chief at and editorial director at >> in the past 12 months, one in every nine 401(k) participants has borrowed from his or her retirement plan. that's more people raiding nest eggs than at any time in the past 10 years, and it has occasioned all kinds of hand- wringing from financial advisers. now i'd be the last guy to encourage you to borrow unnecessarily. but sometimes you need a loan, and these days, a 401(k) might be your best source.
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with minimal fees and no credit check, you can borrow up to half your vested stash, or $50,000. the interest is around 4.25% these days. best of all, you pay the that interest back into your own account-- you pay yourself, in other words. so you could reach retirement with as much in your 401(k) as if you'd never borrowed, but you have to be disciplined. first, make sure you've weighed the alternatives. if you're borrowing for college, check out government- sponsored student loans or home equity loans. these days, though, you're likely to find that your 401(k) offers a better rate. second, resolve to keep contributing to your plan even as you make the loan repayments. that's key to keeping you on track even as you pay the loan back. finally, don't borrow unless you expect to keep your job through the term of the loan. if you leave your employer for any reason, you have to pay the plan back promptly, or you'll owe taxes on the balance, and possibly a 10% penalty besides. that's the biggest trap you'll find in a 401(k) loan. if you aren't sure you'll avoid
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it, don't take the loan. i'm eric schurenberg. >> susie: that's "nightly business report" for wednesday, september 8. i'm susie gharib. good night everyone, and goodnight to you too, tom. >> susie: good night susie. i'm tom hudson. good night everyone, we hope to see all of you again tomorrow night. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. captioning sponsored by wpbt captioned by
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media access group at wgbh >> more information about investing is available in "nightly business report's" video. >> be more.
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doctor mights you can. thank yo. >> what's happened? >> i've called a>> dr. harvey t. >> what's happened? >> i've called a>> dr. harvey t. well, he was.
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